Women have told me the day they were diagnosed with cancer it was a complete shock to their system, they knew they  were entering into a time in their lives that would challenge them mentally, emotionally and physically. After the diagnosis and the shock had subsided reality sets in and it is different for everyone, there is no right way of dealing with cancer there is only one way, and that is your way. When I started beauty workshops at cancer centres many years ago, women told me how overwhelmed they felt at the hospital after being diagnosed and handed an envelope of information about cancer and different therapies, So I thought I might make it easier, so I set up this website that has  all non medical services and products under the one umbrella.

My Back ground is within the beauty industry, I am a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist and I also launched my first beauty product called ID Brows in October 2019. ID Brows is a complete eyebrow kit with an eyebrow tool that specifically makes it easy to create an eyebrow in seconds.


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