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Cancer is more than a disease. Its effects are far-reaching and everybody copes differently.

We have spoken to people who tell us that treatment sucks, being sick sucks, being a patient and being seen as a patient sucks. And recovery can be hard.

We have spoken to people who refuse to let it define them and refuse to let it invade their world.

Whatever your coping mechanisms there is a new language to learn, words, therapies, treatments, side effects to everything… and it all just sucks.

When Therese’s sister was going through treatment she often said that Therese’s irreverent sense of humour was a tonic – something that really helped her through. A good laugh and a different perspective can lift the spirits. So Therese – a Beauty Therapist – took this and went to help. She set up Brighter Days workshops which she runs in Cancer Centres across the country.  Therese teaches women how to readjust to changes in the skin and make-up regimes during and post cancer treatment. Advice is given on everything from no eyebrows/eyelashes, to new sensitivities in skin, adjusting to the look of new hair lengths and textures. And Therese encourages a lot of laughter – a complete break from it all.

Susan has also seen friends through cancer. And its hard to watch someone you love battle. And it sucks. And she is just as irreverent as Therese in her sense of humour. And people who support people through any illness can make a small but discernible difference. To listen and to help.

‘From listening to people we realised that the medical side of treatment is hard – its time-consuming and zapping. But what about the non-medical side? Millions of questions there too. Where do I go for Eyebrows? Anyone nearby? The fallout is hard and I’m struggling – who is a good Therapist/Counsellor? Is my diet healthy? What underwear options are out there – near here? So we thought that a central website with these businesses and services, that you want and need at your fingertips, would help.’

We hope we have covered everything – please let us know if there is anything else to add.

Therese Mission for Confidence


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