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Thank you for your interest in adding your business to Mission for Confidence.

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Thank you for deciding to add your business to our directory.

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You can add your business by clicking here “Add a Business

It takes about 5 mins or less to go through the process. You can add your company logo and some images as well as a link to your business website and it is very simple.

Listings are reviewed by our admin team before they go live on our site.

How Much

For the first 12 months we are offering a special rate of €10 Euro +VAT per month. You will be automatically billed every 30 days or every 365 days depending on what choice you make.

You can cancel any time you like and your listing will be deactivated. Your billing will also be cancelled.

To cancel you simply fill in the form on the cancelation page, the link to this is here when you have logged into your admin area here.


If you would like to change anything on your listing simply login here and click EDIT beneath your business listing. Save any changes and that’s it.

Problems & Technical Support

If you have any issues at all please fill in the form on our tech support page or contact us on

How to create a listing for your business. It takes less than 5 minutes to do.

  1. Click here “Add a Business
  2. Select your payment plan 20 Euro +VAT every 30 days OR 220 +VAT Annually (saving 10%). You can cancel your listing and billing at any time.
  3. Listing Information : Add in all your business information here. You can make changes afterwards and add anything left out etc.
    The Eircode is optional. Don’t forget to select your county.
  4. Listing Images : If you want to add your business logo and up to 3 more images just drag and drop them onto the grey box indicated
  5. Recaptcha: follow the instructions
  6. Next is the payment page
    Amount is indicated, select Paypal or Stripe
    Paying via paypal : Add your email address and first name and last name for the receipt. Then click Pay Now
    Paying via Stripe (Credit Card) Just click Pay Now and enter your email cc no, expiry date and cv
  7. You can print your receipt from here and you will also receive one by email.
  8. Your listing will be reviewed by us and you will receive an email once it is live in the directory
  9. Beneath your own listing on this page when you login you can see the link to view or edit it.
  10. If you wish to receive monthly or annual invoices rather than receipts please let us know by email