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Snips Wigs have 30 years experience in providing solutions for people going through cancer treatments that cause hairless. Our website has a go to guide on how to approach the idea of losing your hair.
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Snips Wigs, for more than 30 years, has provided a holistic approach to hair loss. To fully understand what it is like to experience hair loss and the effects it has on our every day life, can only be fully understood by someone who has personally experienced hair loss.

Laura Harris,co-owner and consultant is in a very unique position, after experiencing hair loss on and off for 20 years due to health issues, completely understands the importance and the impact hair loss can have on one’s self. Clients take great comfort and are immediately put at ease knowing that Laura fully understands and empathise the importance of what they are experiencing.

“Hair loss can lead to massive changes in the way you perceive yourself personally and socially, at home, at school and at work.  Those who do not and have not suffered from hair loss have very little understanding of the impact it can have on someone.

I have learned over the years that getting that right wig is only a small part of the solution. But to be able to deal with the psychological impact on ones self-image and self-confidence when faced with hair loss, whether its due to hair thinning, female pattern baldness or chemotherapy/radiotherapy, is a huge part of dealing with hair loss.

With over 20 years, listening to my clients on how they approach hair loss and my knowlegde and understanding, enables me to be able to help and provide my clients with the skills, techniques, hints and tips of wearing and maintaining their wig and most importanly, advise on how you can take back control your self confidence and self image.” Laura Harris

The quality of time and dedication to all our clients is paramount to Snips Wigs. All our clients take great solace knowing that we are there for them through all stages of hair loss.

Chemotherapy is the term used to describe medicines that will treat cancer with chemicals (drugs). Chemotherapy targets all rapidly dividing cells – healthy cells as well as cancer cells. Unfortunately, some types of Chemotherapy can have some unwelcoming side affects. Hair loss or thinning can be one of those.

Chemotherapy works by attacking cancer cells in the body. This process is designed to destroy and eradicate the cancer. Because this treatment circulates in the blood stream it means that other normal healthy cells in the body can also be affected, therefore hair cells are affected.

When the sensitive hair bulb that holds the hair root in place is attacked it affects the hair in different ways. You may notice once treatment starts your hair can become brittle, dry and lifeless. Thinning and/or falling out, which result in the hair loss may also happen. It is a temporary disruption to your hair. Once treatment that incurs hair loss has stopped, hair nearly always grows back after Chemotherapy treatment. Visit our website where we give a comprehensive overview of how to approach hair loss due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and what steps to take to ensure the best choice and control for you going through treatment.

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