Mental Health/Mindfulness

At all stages in life, checking in with your mental health is vitally important. It is all too easy to coast through, doing what needs to be done and not paying heed to how you are. When being treated for cancer your physical health is being constantly checked. And while you may think you are coping fine, it is so important to check in with your mental health. Cancer and cancer treatment can take its toll. And it really is true that it is okay not to be okay. Checking in with your mental health – practising mindfulness and meditation can be so important. It can be the case for some people that the hardest part mentally can be after treatment when family and friends assume you are fine, better, ‘back to normal’.  But for you it is a ‘new normal’ – thinking differently and a new outlook on life. The trauma may only hit you then. It is important to address this. Talk to a professional accredited Psychologist, trauma specialist or counsellor. You have made your body a priority — now don’t forget your mind.