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Covid-19 and Cancer: The following is a link to the websites information page on everything you need to know about Covid-19 and Cancer.


Yoga for Cancer recovery and patients.  – Exercise during and after cancer treatment is always a grey area. This book – which comes highly recommended by several oncologists is available to buy online.


Bogus Cancer Cures – Irish Times article 24/04/2019 by Dr David Robert Grimes – more than half of the 20 most shared articles on facebook in 2016 had claims that are medically discredited:

This article investigates the importance of staying active particularly post treatment and into recovery:

Cancer doesn’t mean the end of your sex life…..

How easy it is to neglect your mental health…

Do cold caps really prevent your hair from falling out?

Breast Biopsy results in an instant….

Heartfelt Blog about Life after Cancer: