Mission for Confidence Makeup Tips

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While running Beauty workshops at cancer centres, I found women had a lot of questions regarding skincare products and application of makeup, as your skin can change due to treatment. You may find your skin colour can change or your skin can become dry and sensitive or, if you’re lucky, that your skin has never been so good!
Here are a few tips that women who have attended found most helpful:


  1. If you find your skin is feeling dry or dehydrated, a cream oil based foundation is the best to use. It will moisturise and sit on top of your skin which will result in giving your skin a healthy glow – as opposed to an oil free foundation that will stick to the dry patches on your skin and your make up will look patchy which will result in an uneven complexion.
  2. Matt oil free foundation is a perfect choice if you find your skin is oily or if you’re finding makeup is sliding off your face even after applying a translucent powder.
  3. Sometimes due to can treatment your skin can also become high in colour or sensitive, a light cream concealer patter on with your ring finger gives the best results.


Eyebrow tips during and post chemotherapyThere are many eyebrow products on the market the trick is to keep it simple and not to get too bogged down with measuring up to get the perfect brow. Firstly make sure its a waterproof powder and mineral based so it will stay on all day.

Use an angled brush to run the powder along where your eyebrow was and follow the natural line of your brow -remember they are sisters not twins! so they don’t have to be perfect.


Eyeshadow Mission for Confidence

Eyelashes can be tricky at best to apply, especially if your eyelashes have gone sparse due to treatment, if you don’t like the idea of putting on false eyelashes you can give the illusion of lashes by using your waterproof eyebrow powder and an angle brush. Using your brush start on the inside of your eye and run a thin line in one sweep if you can to the outer corners smudge slightly to give a softer finish.


Less is more when it comes to blusher!! A universal colour for your cheek area is a rose /beige shade, smile in the mirror and apply on to the apple of your cheeks for a healthy glow.


Mission for Confidence Makeup TipsA lot of women find that their lips can get dry due to cancer treatment so again stay away from matt lipstick as it will dry out your lips further. Use a moisturising lipstick with a slight gloss finish which always looks well for day time. A light pink colour suits all.


There is a lot of hype these days regarding contouring and it is easy to get confused. I think my 12yr old daughter is probably better at contouring than I am! Suffice to say that applying a light/medium bronze powder just under your cheek bone will create definition and highlight your bone structure perfectly.

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